Monday, March 18, 2013

Eiruvin 9b - Mechitzos Visible Only From Outside

Below I am attaching a copy of Rav Hershel Schachters sefer, bikvei hatzon where he develops a very mechudash approach to the concept of siluk mechitzos. Simply, all it means in the gemara 92b is that when mechitzos are hidden by other mechitzos such as the pink line in tziyur 2 that extend the walls of the chatzer ketana hiding the gefufei (extension walls) of the larger court yard, it would be forbidden to carry even in the larger courtyard. Similarly in tziyur 1, without the side walls of the house, the front wall of the house could have been considered a mechitza to allow carrying in the driveway, but the construction of these walls blocks off the wall of the house.
After re-reading Rav Hershel's shtikel and discussing it with my chavrusa, I think I understand his point. Rav Hershel says that in a tziyur like the one below, we don't allow the outer walls of the house A-B-C to be the wall of the eiruv.

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