Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nedarim 58a - Back to davar sheyesh lo matirin

The Ran says that shivi'is before the z'man biur is considered a davar sheyesh lo matirin which is not batul b'mino but is batul b'shishim in eino mino. My question is that according to the Ran on 52a the rule of davar sheyesh lo matirin being batul in eino mino in 60x, only applies to something which is assur now but will become mutar later (by either doing something such as pidyon, or bringing it to yerushalayim by ma'aser sheini, or time expiring like by chadash). But something which is actually mutar now like meat that falls into something parve, it is more similar to heter than davar sheyesh lo matirin and therefore will not be batul even in eino mino. Based on this, how can the Ran claim that shivi'is before the zman biur will be batul in eino mino, since it is mutar now it should be worse than davar sheyesh lo matirin and not be batul whether it falls into mino or eino mino?

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Avromi said...

The Sha’ar Hamelech answers: The Ra”n only said that rule in respect of things that will be permitted forever, such as meat, which will always be permitted to be eaten with other meat or foods that are not from milk. However, here, the Shemitah produce will become forbidden forever, i.e. after the “time of removal.” It is therefore compared to something that will become permitted, where it will not become nullified only in a mixture of things that aren’t its type.