Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kesubos 47b - Mekach Taos in Kiddushin

Click here for an explanation of Tosafos d.h. shelo, and an explanation of how we allow mekach taos by kiddushin when a woman marries someone who is found to have a major problem.


Yossie Schonkopf said...

just one point, why does rav moshe need proofs from rashi, from the gemara regarding סימפון its clear that the concept of מקח טעות us possible, no?

Avi Lebowitz said...

r' moshe needs to prove that even when the problem is with him and she would want out, it can be a mekach taos. simpon is the opposite, it is a problem with her so he want out and by him there is no sevara of tan du.

menachem said...

do you have an updated working link for this pdf?

Avi Lebowitz said...

try this: