Thursday, April 05, 2007

m"k 28a - dyung at 52 and the pesach connection

Finally a pesach connection! I will quote the Maharsha. The gemara says that dying @ 52 is a death like Shmuels.
the maharsha explains that a person lives for 70 years. these 70 years consist of 20 years before he is liable in heaven and then 50 mature years. those 50 years are parallel to the 5o years of the sefira and the yovel. where-as one must count for 49 to reach his goal on the 50th year (or 70th in a lifetime).
the 52 years of shmuel is when 2/3 of his adult years pass with out sinning; that is: the 50 adult years consist of 3 x 16 years (rounded) so 32 years into his adult years or 20 junior years + 32 adult years = 52 years. this is what the gemara says in yuma that chana said of her son that if most of his years will pass without sin he wont sin. so shmuel died after the age when he was proven that רובא דמוכח of his life passed with out sin (this is why shmuels death is NOT a כרת כך נלענ"ד).
In parallel, if Man was crated in nissan this means the 1st day of creation is 25th of adar. the 20 days of immaturity end on pesach till then the jews were not punished for their deeds in Mitzrayim, then comes the 50 days counting to Shvuos. the 32 day of the count - the day of 2/3 maturity parallel to the 52nd day of shmuel is ל"ג בעומר which we celebrate as a yom tov.
the word יובל itself is a רמז by having ל"ב on one side and י"ו of the count on the other.

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